Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Personalized Dog Collar-The Best Gift for a Dog Person

Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that their pooch is the best dog in the world. Indeed, a dog is often the best friend anyone could wish for. It is affectionate and not shy in expressing itself to the master.

Every dog must have a color. Many dog owners have a set of collars that include a training color, a few everyday collars and a color reserved for special occasions.

A functional collar is just a band of plastic or artificial leather with hooks for tags and a clip-on leash. These collars are designed to be disposable and often break at inconvenient moments. In many cases, people keep a spare handy to make sure that the dog does not run free anytime.

Personalized dog collar is one of the best gifts for the dog and its owner. These collars highlight the concern for the safety and comfort of the dog.

When ordering a custom collar, it is important to understand the following things about them.

Leather is the preferred material for gift collars. Leather has always been the traditional material for dog collars. The rise in the cost of the material and fabrications means that plastic has replaced leather for all utilitarian purposes. However, leather retains its status as top of the line material and is thus perfect for gift collars.

Recently, nylon has made appearance on the scene and is now rapidly gaining ground in custom collar market. In many cases, people prefer nylon for its strength-to-weight ratio. Nylon is breathable and remains comfortable for longer period. Nylon also has the advantage of being available in almost any color imaginable and this allows for the creation of branded dog collars.

All dog collars have snap-on attachment for securing the collar and receiving the leash. These attachments are connected to the leather or nylon through a loop in the material. This is often the weakest point in substandard collars. Any force applied by the dog or the owner will cause the collar to snap off at these points.

To avoid this, all top quality gift collars use reinforced snap attachments that are anchored solidly into the structure of the collar. These attachments are threaded through the loop and then cross-stitched to provide maximum strength and stability. The result is a high quality collar that has very slim chances of failure.

No personalized dog collar is complete without the name of the dog on it. Some people like metal on leather combination. The best example of this combination is a gold colored piece of metal hanging from a black collar. This looks very elegant on the dog.

The name is often woven in the nylon color using a contrasting color. Nylon offers great opportunities of embroidery that could result in stunning patterns and designs. Metal plates with eth dogs’ mane could directly be sewn in the nylon, resulting in a non-traditional design that is very popular in young people.

Personalized dog collar is one the best gifts for any dog and the owner.

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